This site is dedicated to my best friend and the true "Dean of American Hypnotists" - Ormond McGill. Who, by being an inspiration to hypnotists and magicians all over the world, left this world a much better place.

Ormond and I worked together and had so much fun together, sharing adventures and wonderful times both here in America and in England. This site will endeavor to honor his legacy by acknowledging his genius and continuing to bring his "truths" and wisdom to those who want to learn.

There are many hypnotists today who do not know of his gifts for teaching, healing and creating the bridge between eastern and western hypnosis. He was the most spiritual and enlightened person I have ever met in my life. I am very thankful that he trusted me enough to teach me his special, private and even secret methods that I use in my practice as well as in my personal life.

Ormond was my dear friend, and I know he would be proud of the fact that I will continue on with our work, teaching and striving to create a bond of friendship amongst all hypnotherapists. He wanted all hypnotists to work together, and so I will continue on with his cause of uniting the hypnotherapy community.

Because he insisted on video taping our conversations at his house, the world will have the opportunity to really get to know who he was on a more personal level. He was much more than a stage hypnotist or a magician. He was, and continues to be, a sage, a healer, a teacher, a gentle human being and a giver to all, for he had God in his heart.

Because of his generosity to me, I am in possession of some lost manuscripts that he wrote years ago, as well as a few that we wrote together and never released. This is an opportune time to present these lost and forgotten secret manuscripts/books to those who wish to learn.

I will keep my promise to Ormond by continuing on with our work and research; I will continue the journey that we started together. Ormond McGill - my best friend; like a father to me and yet also like my brother. I will miss him.

-Tom Silver-
Tom Silver Institute of Hypnosis
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