The Lost Manuscripts of Ormond McGill

Many years ago Ormond McGill entrusted to me a number of never before published books in manuscript form. Unedited and hand-typed by Ormond himself, these documents convey his brilliance on topics ranging from Hypnotherapy to “Beyond the Vail”, truly some of the most spiritualistic and inspiring manuscripts I had ever read. He had these manuscripts and all rights pertaining to them legally transferred to me, requesting that I release them only after he had passed on.

Ormond McGill is world renown and has authored over 30 books in the field of hypnotism. He is known as the Dean of American Hypnotists.

I am hypnotherapist Tom Silver, and Ormond was my closest friend. Ormond McGill and I first met way back in 1994. When Ormond found out from a friend of his in San Diego that I was working on introducing the science of hypnosis to Taiwan and Asia, and that I had created and mastered a method to hypnotize people in a foreign language (a method I call Interlingual Hypnotic Trance Induction), he expressed a desire to meet with me, because he believed that we had met and become close friends and teachers in our past lives.

When Ormond contacted me, he said that he wanted to know more about my work in Taiwan because years earlier back in the 1950s he was also hypnotizing people in Taiwan. I told Ormond about my mission to bring the science of hypnosis to the Taiwan people. Like speaking to an old lost friend, he said that it was indeed my mission and that we would be the closest of friends. How right he was, and how thankful I am for the friendship we shared over these past many years.

As I continued my work in Taiwan and made many trips during 1994 through 1999, Ormond and I would meet at his house in Palo Alto, California. We would spend days together working on our new books which were rooted on our many past lives together as the best of friends and teachers of life.

So now, as I promised my dear departed friend Ormond McGill, the time is right for publishing his “lost” manuscripts. The first of five manuscripts is now available for purchase for the first time anywhere:
Hypnotism and Breath Control.” more info...

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