TESTIMONIALS ( email submissions )

My friend Ormond McGill, "The Dean of American Hypnotists," I will miss your smiles and laughter and all the great times that I had with you here on earth. We had fun doing our two man hypnosis show. You always wanted all hypnotists to work together, to get along and be friends. You saw the good in everybody and never spoke a negative word about anyone. You inspired hypnotists all over the world because of your knowledge, wisdom and ability to communicate and touch others. You worked so hard to please so many people and sometimes I know you were exhausted, and still you gave it your all.

Even with your physical condition, you still taught a hypnotherapy course up north for one of your friends, and after the class you went back to the hospital for your last few days. When I spoke to you that Sunday before you left us, you said that you still had work to do here on earth. You will still be doing your fine work for us on earth by being an inspiration to all of us. Ormond my friend you were a living example of what a hypnotist should be and what a good human being should strive to be. You were always a very kind and giving person to everyone.

You loved life and followed the wisdom of someone you felt very close to, and called him the father of yoga. This person's name was Patanjali. You said many times that Patanjali always said "If you take life to serious, you miss the boat and the whole meaning of life". You also told me many times that "Life is a playground and school and a place to enjoy".

I will miss you Ormond, but I will always remember your contributions to hypnosis and how much you gave to others expecting nothing in return. An angel must have sent you to us because everyone who knew you feels blessed.

As I had promised you years ago Ormond, I will continue to teach your wisdom and knowledge to others, and I will also continue with our plans and mission to bring your new mind science technology and mental healing methods to the world. I will also strive to bring your dream and vision of all hypnotists working together  to a reality . Like you told me many times Ormond, "Tom, you must carry on with our goals for hypnosis". Ormond "I promise I will continue to bring our advanced knowledge to the world and the secret methods you trained me on.  I will miss you my friend.

-Tom Silver-
Tom Silver Institute of Hypnosis

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